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Where to Invest in South East Queensland

South east Queensland Property report

Latest data released by CoreLogic indicates that regional areas of South East Queensland are performing well in the current real estate market.


Median house prices in Brisbane

Median house prices in Brisbane have fallen since March 2016. This time last year median house prices were $615,000 compared to now at $618,000. There are some suburbs within Brisbane that are growing and are in high demand.

Median house prices in Gold Coast

Gold Coast median house prices have also fallen since March 2016.

Toowoomba's house prices have done well in the past month.

Ipswich's median house prices are currently lower than this time last year.

Logan's median house prices are similar to this time last year. 

Sunshine Coast's median house prices are currently doing very well.



A good buyer's agent can identify and secure properties in potential growth areas of south east Queensland.



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