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Is this Brisbane's Best Property Investment Opportunity?

A brand-new City is proposed to be built halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, on a massive area previously used to grow sugarcane. With sugarcane no longer a viable crop, 248 individual sugarcane farmers have united to sell a massive patch of land that will effectively link Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


This brand-new coastal city has plans that include housing (with around 100,000 new residents over the next 10 years), tourism, retail, medical and educational facilities, and possibly even a Disney-sized Theme Park (One of China’s richest people, Wang Jianlin, has already expressed interest). This is arguably the best Property Investment Opportunity in Australia today; opportunities to get in on the ground floor like this are few and far between.

The parcel of land is 10 times the size of Surfers Paradise and located adjacent to the M1; it is in the Norwell Valley, bordered by Stapleton, Ormeau and Jacob's well, and is partly covered by the Gold Coast City Council and the Logan City Council.

The deal is being engineered by architect Rob Machon and stockbroker Wayne Cummings, who united to form Global Enterprise Management Solutions. They are still in discussions with the landowners, and government approvals still have to be cleared (Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has already indicated he is in favour), but getting in at this stage may be a very smart property investment move. Chinese interests are already discussing building a major theme park.

All but four landowners have agreed to the scheme, effectively freeing up a massive 6,117 ha of land. This would make the new city Australia's largest “master-planned” community. 

One of the things that has brought the matter to a head for local cane farmers is that much of their 2016 crop lies idle due to the fact that the Rocky Point Sugar Mill is unable to process the crop at this point in time. This Mill began crushing in 1879 and has the distinction of being the last privately owned sugar processing plant in Australia, but is now struggling. With abundant cheap sugar now flowing in from other countries, the farmers have decided that selling their land for development is the smart option.

The Qld State Government will need to re-categorise the area from “Agricultural” with some suggesting the whole area needs a single Zone status to ease planning processes.

This has come at a time when both State and Federal governments are looking to boost employment, and development of this size would be a massive boost to jobs. Improvements to the infrastructure of the area are also a strong possibility, with a land corridor proposed to provide an alternative to the heavily clogged M1 motorway.

For private property investors, in both housing, commercial, and entertainment areas, getting in early could be a very wise investment decision. The last time a development similar to this was available was when six suburbs in Ipswich were combined to create the greater Springfield area back in the early 1990s. The first of Australia's master-planned communities as the nation's capital Canberra in 1901. The proposed Norwell development dwarfs them both.

In terms of nearby residential property investments, the neighbouring areas of Coomera, Pimpama and Ormeau have seen successful large scale residential expansion in the last few years, suggesting a good future for the Norwell project. This is particularly so as undeveloped land on a large scale is relatively scarce in the Gold Coast / Brisbane corridor.


To get the advantage of local knowledge on this massive new Master City, interstate property investors can now work with u

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