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YES! If you are looking for an investment property, the good time to buy real estate is now!

Different states in Australia are in different phases of property cycle. Some state are booming, while others are in the slump phase of the property cycle.

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Two ways to buy a home or investment property in Brisbane.

1. Make informed decision with the help of a professional Brisbane based buyer's agent who can help you:

  • Identify the right suburbs for your budget and needs
  • Shortlist high performing properties
  • Independently appraise properties before you purchase
  • Negotiate the best possible price


2. Do it yourself (DIY) based on gut feel and hopefully you will picked the right suburb and pay the right price.

As Warren Buffett said "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.


Selling any property can be stressful, but selling an investment property with tenants can be extra challenging for most real estate agents. These days real estate agents prefer selling residential owner occupier homes or vacant properties rather than tenanted investment properties. 

Did you know:

  • property investors will pay more for an investment property with long term and existing tenants than an owner occupier or vacant property?
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As Sydney and Melbourne properties are becoming out of reach for most buyers - more and more first time buyers and investors are looking at Brisbane and south-east Queensland for affordable properties to kick start their property portfolio.

You will be surprised that you can still purchase investment properties for under $250k with high rental returns - if you know where to look. 

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There is no doubt that you can generate wealth through property investment. However, each investor's circumstances are different. There is no 'one size fit all' strategy to create wealth through property.  

Here at Investors we try to understand your situation and help you generate wealth creation strategy based on your needs, budget and living circumstance.

We encourage our clients to have a SMART wealth creation strategy. Where...

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Realistic

T = Time-based

Whether you are looking for short term investment, long term investment or want to create wealth for your retirement through self management super fund (smsf), buyers and investors are spoiled for choice when looking for a new apartment or house and land package in South East Queensland including: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

We can compare and help you choose the right property for your needs, budget and circumstance.

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Always buy subject to building and pest inspection

Finding a potential Investment Property is just the start.  Next, we need to make sure it is a good long term investment – And that starts with a building inspection.

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investment opportunity

Is this Brisbane's Best Property Investment Opportunity?

A brand-new City is proposed to be built halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, on a massive area previously used to grow sugarcane. With sugarcane no longer a viable crop, 248 individual sugarcane farmers have united to sell a massive patch of land that will effectively link Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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investment property Brisbane and Gold Coast

There are many reasons why South East Queensland is the "Go-To" spot for property investment.

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Working with buyers agent

Working with a Buyer’s Agent could be the best investment you make, especially when Investing in Property.

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How to buy a home cheaply

Buying your dream home does not necessarily mean that you have to pay a lot for it; you do not need to start with an expensive home to end up with a home that you love. You may be able to find an inexpensive home and still get exactly what you need to get started in the tough Real Estate markets, whether you are an owner-buyer or an investor.  

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