First home Buyers

First Home Buyers - How to find affordable Property?

Buying your first home can be both exciting and daunting experience. 

The number one mistake first home buyers and first time property investors make is to assume property prices always go up.

Sadly, not all properties go up in value and not all suburbs perform well. You need to find the right property, in the right location and for the right price.

Time after time, we see first home buyers, buying the wrong properties in the wrong suburbs and for the wrong price. After a while they realise that not only the value of the property has not increased but in some cases decreased in value (negative growth). 

Remember, if you are buying a house, house & land package, townhouse or apartment from a real estate agent, they are receiving a large commission from the vendors or property developers. They do not have your best interest at heart. They just want to sell and collect their commission.

You are investing a large amount of time, money and emotion when you are buying your first home. Make sure you engage professional help!


How to find affordable property suitable for first home buyers?

The best way to buy your first home or investment property is to find under-valued properties.

Many under-valued properties never get advertised. 

Our website regularly receives enquirers from distressed property sellers who are looking to sell quickly - they often sell without a real estate agent and they sell the property under the market value. We call these affordable off-market properties and quickly buy these properties for our first home buyer, renovator and investor clients.


Four buying tips for first home buyers

  1. Identify the right suburbs for your budget and needs

  2. Shortlist high performing properties

  3. Independently appraise properties before you purchase

  4. Negotiate the best possible price


What is the role of a buyer's agent for first home buyers?

  1. A buyer's agent can explain everything to a first home buyer in a layman's term (without any industry jargon).

  2. A buyer's agent will work for you, the first home buyer, and not the seller. 

  3. A buyer's agent does not receive any commission or kickbacks from vendors or developers.

  4. Our buyer's agents are expert negotiators.


We recommend, as a first home buyer, you should seek professional help from a mentor such as buyer's agent who is experienced and has the right resources to find your first home or investment property. In most cases a buyer's agent can negotiate tens of thousands of dollars off the price which can give you instant equity in your first home.

A buyer's agent can analyse your budget and requirements, and find you the right property, in the right location, for the right price. 


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